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Phore was born September 2017, when it replaced KryptKoin (KTK), by means of a 1:1 coin swap that lasted till November 2017. The remaining KTK were burned. When KryptKoin was created there was no IPO and also no dev premine. Already a good start and it gets better!

GoldCoin is designed to be the goldstandard of digital currencies, and is made into a high value platform.
It's mission: to be the lasting foundation for the world's financial systems by creating the most secure and valuable currency ever in existence.
GoldCoin follows Satoshi Nakamoto's original protocol and made several additional improvements to...

Dadi + Limited is an established and profitable decentralized webservices company, located in England and Wales and stands for "Decentralised Architecture for a Democratic Internet".

In this Sector Review we will adress the sector of Fantasy Sports, that started to grow largely because of the growth of internet and personnal computers.

Heat Ledger is a Limited Liability Company, holding office in Helsinki, Finland and organized its funding in 2016, creating 25 million HEAT, distributed to investors and stakeholders.

Presearch was created to offer a transparent and open search engine, compared to google, and it will allow for people to contribute to its content. The project leader is Colin Pape, the founder of, who created a very dedicated team of developers to make this project a success. As you can see on their website (link), this team is...