Coin nr. 4 is Tesla Coin - TES

Elon Musk created a Crypto Coin?

No, of course he didn't! He can only make cars. 

Tesla coin however, refers to the inventor Nikola Tesla and is a Proof of Stake coin, that offers you an interest of 12% for holding TES in your wallet. Wow! Tell that to your local banker, he'll hang himself because he's going out of business!

Teslacoin is working on a decentralized and sustainable world and supports Free Energy and Renewable Energy Projects. It's goal is to create a transition to a sustainable energy system by funding projects trough TeslaStarter.

On the negative side however I noticed some spelling errors as well as the lack of information on the project's development achievements.

There are so many bounties on their website, that it almost looks like they haven't got the team that they need to develop this project succesfully.

For now I don't have the feeling that there's anything moving within this project, making it impossible tot give it a thumbs up!